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Passenger Trains > Dashin' thru the snow..

Date: 02/10/19 23:34
Dashin' thru the snow..
Author: SP8100

Dashin' thru the snow, in a one open horse sleigh..   La, la, la, la....

Oh wait, Christmas is over..  Seems the PNW had winter show up late this year as we finally got snow to coat the ground about two weeks ago or so..

In seeing that Funnelfan caught very late Amtrak #27 heading west yesterday and knowing that I had today off from work, I ventured out after seeing what Julie said for an arrival time for Amtrak #28 into Spokane, Washington this afternoon..

First photo, we see the Portland section of the Empire Builder racing by MP 19 on the BNSF Lakeside subdivision just west of Cheney, Washington.   The engineer and another person in the conductor/fireman's side gives us a wave as they go by..

Second photo is the combined section of the Empire Builder heading east of CP Otis Orcards on the BNSF Spokane Sub after spending almost two hours in Spokane combining the two trains together..   Normally this would be completed in about 30 minutes..  I think the cold and snow really hindered the Amtrak crew assembling the train at Spokane..   If you note from the Portland section of the EB, you will see Amtrak #10 is now third in consist..   Usually the Portland section of the EB is the point motor..   Easier and less moves to take it off and add it, etc..


Date: 02/11/19 08:53
Re: Dashin' thru the snow..
Author: DesertWind

I’m on the 15+ hour late 8/28. Surprisingly everyone, passengers and crew are taking this delay rather well. The Spokane delay was of course related to the weather and difficulty of getting hooked up properly or so they told us.

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Date: 02/11/19 10:33
Re: Dashin' thru the snow..
Author: bmarti7

Nice coverage of a unique event.


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