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Passenger Trains > Siemens opens an "intelligent traffic systems" lab

Date: 03/13/19 14:43
Siemens opens an "intelligent traffic systems" lab
Author: Lackawanna484

Mass Transit Magazine:Siemens Mobility announced the opening of its new Digital Lab for Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) based in Austin, TX. The lab will monitor, collect and analyze data to further study and develop important digital urban mobility technologies. Main areas of focus will center around important new technologies like connected vehicles, self-driving vehicles, advanced traffic management systems, multimodal transportation, shared mobility, electric bike sharing and fleet management.     The amount of data that we are now collecting from various traffic technologies and intelligent infrastructure is extremely valuable for transport operators,”

Putting it all togetherSiemens also operates a rail specific transportation laboratory in Atlanta.  Combining the insights of the two labs could present an unparalleled view of how the US population will travel in the future.

Date: 03/13/19 18:04
Re: Siemens opens an "intelligent traffic systems" lab
Author: PHall

Does this mean that BART might actually be able to run with no driver?
Something they were supposed to do when it opened back in the 70's!

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