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Date: 04/11/19 22:32
SDG&E Silver Line (PCC in San Diego)
Author: cchan006

SDG&E stands for San Diego Gas & Electric, and it's included in the official name since the utility company is a major sponsor of San Diego's Vintage Trolley.

After renting a Jeep to catch the US Gypsum narrow gauge train in Plaster City last January, I returned the rental and went back to my original plan, a public transit trip to San Diego. One of my plans was to do a ride and "chase" of the PCC cars running on the Silver Line.

Currently, there are 2 PCCs in operation, #529 and #530. From research, I'm confident that #529 is an ex-SF MUNI PCC (San Francisco), and here's edsaalig's post from 7 years so I don't have to retype what he said:


Heritage of #530 is unknown by me, although out of 6 purchased by San Diego MTS (Metropolitan Transit System), 3 were ex-SF MUNI so it seems to hint that #530 might be from SF also. I caught the #530 while waiting for BNSF's M-BARSDG ("Day-Go") about 3 years ago

Report of #530 from 4 years ago by TO member "43197":


- Two of the PCCs, awaiting restoration or parts source.

- Video of the ride and "chase" of PCC #529. The "chase" consisted of riding the Green Line from Santa Fe Depot to 12th & Imperial, and walking fast to an elevated spot near Petco Park.

That's it for the report.

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Date: 04/12/19 07:14
Re: SDG&E Silver Line (PCC in San Diego)
Author: SanJoaquinEngr


Posted from Android

Date: 04/12/19 09:23
Re: SDG&E Silver Line (PCC in San Diego)
Author: RevRandy

Was in San Diego this past week -- loved seeing and riding the PCCs (as well as all of the rest of the lines).  Great transit city.

Date: 04/12/19 16:43
Re: SDG&E Silver Line (PCC in San Diego)
Author: 2720

SDG&E better known as San Diego Greed & Extortion was the sponsor for the restoration of Car #530!
Car #529 was mostly restored in house by Vintage Trolley members (formed by MTS as a Non Profit,
Tax Exempt organization), most of the Vintage Trolley members were also members of the San Diego
Electric Railway Association, Inc. Outside contractors were brought in for sheetmetal replacement and
other work. SDTIemployees did mechanical and electrical work and the cars were painted in the SDTI
paint booth!


Date: 04/12/19 21:40
Re: SDG&E Silver Line (PCC in San Diego)
Author: oyw

Excellent stuff my friend!

Date: 04/17/19 19:51
Re: SDG&E Silver Line (PCC in San Diego)
Author: DNRY122

529 was SF Muni 1122, and before that it was St. Louis Public Service 1716.
530 waw SF Muni 1123, ex SLPS 1728.

The San Diego PCC fleet also includes SEPTA 2186 and 2785 and SF Muni 1170

Note that the ex-Muni cars were among the "streetcars in the woods" collection that were acquired for a never-built railway in the Lake Tahoe area.

Information from Preserved North American Electric Ry. Cars database.

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