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Date: 05/15/19 10:48
What's wrong with this picture?
Author: GenePoon

Contributed by one of our sometimes "silent" (and sometimes not) members...

Amtrak choose an odd (if visually compelling) picture to tout its
Summer Saturday BOGO sale...odd because you normally
The view is of the High Bridge, on Metro-North's Hudson Line along
the Harlem River. Not normally an Amtrak route--it must have been
shot during last summer's detours to Grand Central.


Date: 05/15/19 13:37
Re: What's wrong with this picture?
Author: PCCRNSEngr

Also the new poster that the Postal Service just put out on the newest stamps that include the Golden Spike issue has a photo of British Steam. I pointed that out to the Postmaster at our local office and she said that I was the second person to bring that to her attention.

Date: 05/15/19 13:43
Re: What's wrong with this picture?
Author: MojaveBill

Couple moths ago our local economic development group publised something on transportation with a UK diesel loco...

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 05/15/19 18:35
Re: What's wrong with this picture?
Author: lynnpowell

I went to my local post office to get a sheet of the Golden Spikes Commemorative stamps.  Right behind the counter they had a big poster on the wall advertising the stamp and some others.  I asked the clerk for a sheet of the stamps, and she said "We don't have any.....I've never heard of them!"  I kindly pointed out the poster on the wall behind her.  That got her hackles up!  She snidely responded with "We don't have any, and I don't think that we are getting any of them."  What a jerk! 

Date: 05/16/19 05:37
Re: What's wrong with this picture?
Author: jeffgeldner

The stamps are beautiful. I am sorry you had issues. I purchased some on line via the US Postal Service website. No troubles there. But on Friday 5/10 I was en route to Jamestown for the double-header of Sierra #3 and #28. En route I thought I would pick up some more stamps for friends of mine. It was a no go at the Manteca post office. They had them but the postal clerk claimed they could not sell them on the first day of issue. Based on what I was told earlier by a Visalia postal clerk, that is not true. Sure enough, I picked up stamps at the Escalon and Oakdale post offices. No problem- they had them and sold them to me.

As with Amtrak, it all depends on who you talk to to receive the service one would expect.

Jeff Geldner
Sequoia National Park, CA

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