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Date: 06/11/19 08:22
Today's MARC snafu
Author: GenePoon

If it's not Amtrak switch and signal problems at Washington Union Station, or MARC's
own mechanical ills, it's something else fouling up MARC commuter operations.

"All train traffic has been stopped West of Rockville Station due to a fire on a freight train.
Fire Department has arrived and is assessing the situation. MARC 872 and 874 are currently
stopped and 892, 876, and 878 will all be delayed as a result. Updates to follow as additional
information is received."

This was about four hours ago; one track has been opened adjacent to the stopped freight train.

The incident also caused delays on the Camden line, as CSX freight traffic was stopped there
and MARC had to operate single track.

Date: 06/11/19 08:23
Re: Today's MARC snafu
Author: joemvcnj

Well at least CSX didn't derail and jack-knife into the WMATA ROW.
West of Rockville is Gaithersburg, probably too far to get to WMATA at Shady Grove.

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Date: 06/11/19 08:37
Re: Today's MARC snafu
Author: Dcmcrider

WaPo coverage here. 


Local fire officials say the fire was caused by "friction between the train's wheels and the track." Take it for what it's worth.

"Updated at 9:57 a.m.

Officials in Montgomery County said an early morning fire on a freight train was caused by friction between the train’s wheels and the track. The small fire erupted in a container that was carrying cocoa.

Pete Piringer, a spokesman for the Montgomery County fire department, said the fire on the CSX freight train was in a container and involved some smoke. He said it appeared the container had shifted and that caused some friction and the train wheels to overheat.

No one was injured, he said."

Paul Wilson
Arlington, VA

Date: 06/11/19 08:45
Re: Today's MARC snafu
Author: joemvcnj

Hot cocoa for everyone on the scene ? 

Date: 06/11/19 11:48
Re: Today's MARC snafu
Author: Lackawanna484

The smell of burning cocoa is preferable to burning asphalt, that's for sure.

Glad nobody was hurt.

Date: 06/12/19 06:12
Re: Today's MARC snafu
Author: ddavies

Was this Q135?  It was about 5 or so hours late out at Shenandoah Junction.

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