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Date: 06/14/19 08:23
Several Auto-Train observations
Author: Lackawanna484

A while back we had a discussion about the Auto-Train, and its use of equipment. How wedded it is to the Amtrak fixed consist mantra, etc.  On my Auto-Train trips, I've noted as many as 48 passenger cars and auto racks, and as few as 32.  Abyler suggested a wider sample might produce different results.  I count the cars off the Ashland rail camera.

Over the past two weeks, Auto-Train has run with as many as 48 cars, and as few as 38.  Curiously, both sets seem to adjust to the same number of cars, usually within a day.  I had thought they were running two consists of slightly different size, but it doesn't seem that way.  In general, the northbound consist of the morning is exactly the consist of the southbound evening train.  It's unusual to drop or pick up cars at Lorton.

June 1 had 2 locomotives, plus 18 cars, plus 30 auto racks. On both 52 ad 53.  The total of 48 cars is close to the Amtrak limit of 50 cars which is a seasonal total usually found at peak travel times.

By June 2, that dropped to 16 plus 30. (down two passenger,)

June 3 went to 16 plus 26 (down four auto racks)

June 6 went to 15 plus 27  (down 1 passenger, up one auto rack)

June 7 went to 15 plus 25 (down two racks)

June 9 went to 15 plus 26 (up one rack)

June 10 went to 15 plus 23 (down 3 racks)

June 13 went up to 15 plus 26 (up 3 racks)

June 14 went down to 15 plus 23 (down 3 racks)

edited to remove a duplicate June 6 report, thanks for the PM

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Date: 06/15/19 05:49
Re: Several Auto-Train observations
Author: abyler

What passenger car do they drop to go from 16 to 15.

Date: 06/15/19 07:26
Re: Several Auto-Train observations
Author: Lackawanna484

I am not observing to that level of detail.

My GUESS would be one coach.

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