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Date: 07/09/19 15:14
NY new LIRR station
Author: Lackawanna484

NY may be on the hook for a new station at the Islanders arena in Nassau County. The station is adjacent to the Belmont Park race track on a part time stub branch.


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Date: 07/10/19 17:57
Re: NY new LIRR station
Author: rbenko

Wow - what a waste of money.  The new station would be something like 1,200 feet away from an already existing station (Bellrose)!  Additionally, the new station would still have to have shuttle busses to get people to and from the arena (about 0.6 miles away) - why not beef up the existing station at Bellrose, and build a short connecting road between the station and the Belmont property to make it easier for the shuttle busses?  Oh wait, I forgot - this is New York State we're talking about here - why do something logical that would save money if we can do something totally illogical for five times the cost?  Gotta keep those construction unions happy so they can keep Cuomo's campaign coffers nice and full!

So glad I don't live there any more...  

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