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Passenger Trains > FL BrightLine looking at Boca Raton

Date: 07/19/19 16:22
FL BrightLine looking at Boca Raton
Author: Lackawanna484

Several TV reports say that Virgin Train / BrightLine has had discussions with the ultra wealthy South Palm Beach County town about a new station. The interesting part is BL contacted the town.

In a recent opinion piece, a lawyer connected with Related Companies pointed out advantages to the town. Related owns property which could figure in a discussion.


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Date: 07/19/19 18:57
Re: FL BrightLine looking at Boca Raton
Author: JohnM

It’s really awesome to see all the positive stuff coming out of Florida, keep posting it for the rest of us!  

Now if they would stop at Del Boca Vista, I would move to Florida. 

Date: 07/20/19 05:33
Re: FL BrightLine looking at Boca Raton
Author: Lackawanna484

Date: 07/23/19 09:57
Re: FL BrightLine looking at Boca Raton
Author: Lackawanna484

Opposition to the BrightLine station plan seems to be building. Multiple TV outlets report that some speakers in yesterday's meeting opposed the "gift" of the library parking lot and garden to BrightLine, and the city's agreement to finance the pedestrian bridge between the platforms.  BrightLine has has asked the city to pay for the parking garage, which BrightLine will operate.  The mayor and some members of the council are strongly in favor of the proposal, and seek to develop an agreement.

My guess is that BrightLine may decide to move its station a few blocks into a much less densely developed area. And a site that doesn't require trashing a community garden.

If the train platforms are indeed on each side of the tracks, that would be a first.  The three operational stations have center platforms, and the Fort Pierce draft showed a center platform, I believe.

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