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Date: 07/20/19 22:15
NJ Transit Question
Author: BlackWidow

I am planning on using NJ Transit and/or SEPTA for a trip to Philadelphia on Tuesday.  My question is if there is any chance I will find a place to park at Princeton Jct, Hamilton or Trenton?  I would be leaving after the morning rush hour is over, so I am concerned all the parking spots at the those stations will be taken.  I could also go to Metropark, but I'm not sure the situation there is any better.

Date: 07/21/19 06:07
Re: NJ Transit Question
Author: NB1001

If you go to Princeton Junction, you will have a lengthy walk to the station if you can find a spot. The extensive parking lots are jammed. Hamilton might be a better choice. They have a convenient multi-story parking garage.

Date: 07/21/19 06:21
Re: NJ Transit Question
Author: njmidland

I agree with Hamilton - you may have to go up a few levels in the parking garage, but you will find a spot.  Especially if you are going before Labor Day - I'd guess the volume of people is off by at least 25%.


Date: 07/21/19 07:05
Re: NJ Transit Question
Author: joemvcnj

Park at a strip mall along US1 in West Windsor, like Walmart, and take the 600 bus to Princeton Jct staion. 


Date: 07/21/19 09:11
Re: NJ Transit Question
Author: Passfanatic

The NJT bus network in the Princeton and Trenton area is not frequent. With a car, I would say find a parking deck that is safe and park there. Hamilton comes to mind. Even though Trenton isn't a safe city, there is a parking deck at the station there and it should be safe to park there. NJT has been cancelling trains these days because of crew and equipment shortages so you might be better off parking at the deck in Trenton. If you are willing to drive a little bit across the PA border, maybe you could go to Levittown-Tullytown on the Trenton Line(NEC) or else drive to the W. Trenton Line station at Woodbourne.

Date: 07/21/19 09:32
Re: NJ Transit Question
Author: jp1822

I've never had any trouble at Trenton train station parking lot. There are two parking garages. Again, may have to go higher to get a spot, but I've never had a problem. Don't know Hamilton as well. Forget Princeton or Metropark these days!

Date: 07/21/19 17:38
Re: NJ Transit Question
Author: overniteman

Hamilton would be my choice, although I've never had trouble getting a spot at Metropark.

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