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Date: 08/09/19 14:33
Trains 91/92 recent performance?
Author: Lackawanna484

The Silver Star has recently been operating with two locomotives, rather than the previous single unit.  Based on my observations over the past few weeks, it looks like on time performance has dramatically improved.

Today's 91 has two units in elephant style. That's been typical of the trains I've seen.  Don't know if it's typical overall

Date: 08/09/19 18:24
Re: Trains 91/92 recent performance?
Author: ronald321

OT performance for Silver Star at Miami is :YTD, thru June (9 Months)..... 29.4%

Latest figures for August, so far:, for the Silver Star at Miami is:

1....16 Minutes Late
2,,,,3' 38" late
3... 12" late
4... 28" late
5...4"30" late
6...1'28" late
7...1'00" late
8...1'02" late
9...1'29" late (today)

Total for August.... On Time... 0% -- (avg. each train late = 2' 03")

So, Avg. on time for 9 months was 29%
latest for  month ofAugust was.......  0%

(if I get time, I'll run the numvers on 92)

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Date: 08/09/19 18:34
Re: Trains 91/92 recent performance?
Author: Tominde

Cut 'emsome slack.  This is SameDay Sevice.   It got there on the same day it was supposed to.

Date: 08/09/19 18:39
Re: Trains 91/92 recent performance?
Author: Cole42

All the times I rode the Star we never had an issue keeping track speed with one engine - when we weren't plodding along on yellow signals behind a CSX land barge of course (which was often on the RF&P).

Date: 08/10/19 20:06
Re: Trains 91/92 recent performance?
Author: KV1guy

The 2 locos on the Star, for now, is a permanent thing.  Extra 42's freed up from Chargers in state service are allowing such.   Having 2 def helps as protect power and the haul-ass ratio, but sometimes it involves more work going over the territory.  The train handles better with just one motor on it.  With 2, often you have to brake on some of the hills you might get away with rolling a train over.  This will help though as we go into fall and leaves wreak havoc.

Date: 08/11/19 06:52
Re: Trains 91/92 recent performance?
Author: joemvcnj

Is it possible to use the 2nd unit only for HEP, and let the other unit be all for traction ? 

Date: 08/11/19 12:30
Re: Trains 91/92 recent performance?
Author: ctillnc

The major problems with 91 and 92 time-keeping haven't changed. 92 still tends to be late by the time it leaves Jacksonville. 91 can get hung up in the black hole between Petersburg and Rocky Mount.

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