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Date: 08/11/19 11:07
Skunk Train
Author: JAmtrak

 Does anyone have any info on the Skunk Train tunnel collapse? When they migth get it repaired or other background info? TIA/ AIA/ KFC

Date: 08/11/19 11:21
Re: Skunk Train
Author: GenePoon

In Feb. 2019, Skunk Train VP Robert Pinoli was quoted in a newspaper article that the hillside is being watched for 2-3 years to see how stable it is, after drainage and other work has been done. But the article does not say when that time started.

There is also the issue of paying for the work. A federal grant application was turned down last year.

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Date: 08/11/19 21:23
Re: Skunk Train
Author: modocboo

We rode the Skunk Train a month ago and the docent or conductor said that tunnel work was suppose to be complete sometime this winter.

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