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Passenger Trains > Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27

Date: 09/04/19 20:06
Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27
Author: CofSF

Greetings List,
The Overland Trail will be a part of the ACE (Autumn Colors Express) this Oct.  As per usual, we would like to have a barber aboard performing the classic tonsorial arts at speed.  Barber keeps all that he makes ... can charge what the market will bear ... from past experience, can be as busy as he likes ... only needs to bring his personal tools, the shop is provided with all the normal auxiliary things.  If the barber candidate will cut hair all three days, will provide the barber's bunk in the Overland Trail (in case he comes from a distance).  Initial contact with email please: conductorbill@larail.com

As an aside, the cars (Overland Trail and Pacific Trail) will move from Los Angeles to Chicago on #4 leaving Oct 18.  Enjoy the Santa Fe route while you can by private car at only 35 cents a mile ... 'course for overnight travelers, it will be  a "heritage chair car experience" as all overnight passengers will "enjoy" a chair!  Food and beverage included.  Day rider segments at 65 cents a mile.  Request "fact sheet" from conductorbill@larail.com

Date: 09/04/19 22:24
Re: Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27
Author: px320

I've had the pleasure of getting a haircut on the Overland Trail more than once. A real treat.

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Date: 09/05/19 13:36
Re: Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27
Author: stuporchief

Just awesome.

Date: 09/05/19 15:15
Re: Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27
Author: JohnM

I’ve had two haircuts in that chair, once at 90mph.  Just don’t ask the barber about the drawer full of ears!

Date: 09/05/19 16:29
Re: Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27
Author: CofSF

Glad you guys have had a great experience ... (regarding the "drawer of ears" ... there are specific instructions to empty after every run).  This is why I try hard to find a local barber wherever the car roams ... just such a unique experience from days of old.  Video features Jason Thorpe (Sacramento) manning the shop.

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Date: 09/06/19 08:43
Re: Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27
Author: mexrail

The sister to Overland Trail sits at the Durham Museum(durhammuseum.org) in Omaha.  After it was taken out of service with the start of Amtrak it was used as a classrom for SP.  It was re-equiped as a lounge car for the 1984 Olympics.  The museum got the car upon the 1996 merger of UP and SP.  See it on Saturdays and you get me as the docent!  The second photo shows it decorated for Durham's halloween celebrations.  Can anyone turn the last two photos?  I'm challenged, to say the least


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Date: 09/06/19 09:03
Re: Barber needed again ... ACE - Oct 25-27
Author: Josta

There you go!

John Acosta
Big Bear Lake, CA

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