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Date: 09/08/19 09:13
Rare Passenger Train Power
Author: RDG630

This Friday and Saturday evening the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad operated special trains between Lansdale and Souderton, Pa. Power north was ex-CN SD40-2 #5342 and south the only operating GE C39-8 locomotive in the country ex-CR/NS #8212. Photo one at the newly renovated former Reading Company Souderton passenger  station and northbound waiting room building. Second photo in the rain passing through Hatfield, Pa on the ex-Reading Bethlehem Branch

Date: 09/08/19 09:24
Re: Rare Passenger Train Power
Author: dan

three c39's almost became passenger power to white sulpher springs , but that never happened, was it proposed  for CO614 train?

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Date: 09/08/19 09:35
Re: Rare Passenger Train Power
Author: jp1822

Need a refresh - sorry. New Hope and Ivyland RR purchased two [used] diesel power units? Winter will see it take on a new livery? Are they still operating steam at all? This tourist line still makes a pretty good buck so hopefully they can still afford all the requirements needed to operate the steam locomotive. So tough and expensive for the smaller tourist RR lines that they’ve had to switch over to diesel power full-time. I know at least one museum that had a beautiful collection of steam locomotives in the late 1980s - at least 4 that were operational and an additional that was being rebuilt from scratch. But then with new rules and inspections and insurance requirements that evolved from then to now, there steam locos are parked and they rely on two diesels primarily. 

What was the objective for the New Hope and Ivyland RR to obtain the additional diesel power?

Date: 09/08/19 10:10
Re: Rare Passenger Train Power
Author: GenePoon

NHRR operates freight trains, too, connecting CSX via an interchange with Pennsylvania Northeastern to several industries in the Warminster PA area. 

It has used diesels for both passenger and freight in recent years.  However, both 5342 and 8212 are, I believe, Pennsylvania Northeastern engines.  8212's sister 8211 is retired, being used as a parts source.

Last remaining operating C39-8!   I remember when those humpbacked-looking things were new; they appeared frequently in the South.

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Date: 09/09/19 19:14
Re: Rare Passenger Train Power
Author: OCtrainguy

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