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Date: 10/06/19 17:23
Milwaukee station area question
Author: casco17

What is the downtown Milwaukee/station area like, for visitors on foot?  I see there are name-brand hotels nearby (north of the interstate that cuts through) - is the area ok, at least during daylight hours?  TIA

Date: 10/06/19 17:50
Re: Milwaukee station area question
Author: cutboy1958

The  area  is  fine.  A  little  stark, actually. A   block  away  is the streetcar  which  takes  you  closer to the  action. Food, hotels.

Date: 10/06/19 17:51
Re: Milwaukee station area question
Author: ssarcadia

I have walked it many times at all times of the day without any problem or hint of a problem.  The grand old Milwaukee Hilton, a great hotel, is about a 7 minute walk and if you can get a good rate there, a super place to stay.

Date: 10/06/19 20:37
Re: Milwaukee station area question
Author: 55002

I was there the other day, doing some photography. The area is fine, and The Hop Street car is still free to travel on. It’s only a few minutes walk into the thriving Third Ward area which I enjoyed. Opposite the Amtrak station, under all the free way structures is quite a thriving ‘tent city ‘. Can’t help on this. Chris uk.

Date: 10/06/19 21:17
Re: Milwaukee station area question
Author: BRAtkinson

Daylight hours, quite safe.  I walked from the station to 4th and Wisconsin with rolling suitcase without any problems other than rough sidewalk pavement in a couple of spots a couple months ago. 

I used to live in Milwaukee until 1995 and never had a problem parking my car for several nights at a time in a lot under the freeway that is now the HOP carbarn.  Back then as today, transients/homeless are few and far between in that area from 5:45AM to 10PM give or take.

Wintertime, consider the possibility of snowy, slushy, and/or icy sidewalks and 10-20 below with a wind off the lake.  I used to work downtown, too, and know well the icy blast.  

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Date: 10/06/19 22:20
Re: Milwaukee station area question
Author: casco17

Thx for the responses; trip planned for fall - well before the freezing weather.

Date: 10/07/19 21:13
Re: Milwaukee station area question
Author: ATKCentralCoast

In 2016, I traveled to Milwaukee from Grand Rapids, Mi via Chicago.  I stayed at the Hilton Double Tree.  It was just 2 blocks, maybe 3, from the Amtrak station.  Easy uphill  walk.   

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