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Date: 11/07/19 21:34
NYC Subways report
Author: JohnM

I just spent six days making full use of my $33 seven day pass rinding up and down Manhattan on the subways.   I was staying in Spanish Harlem so riding the subway wasn't much of a choice as was a necessity.   (yes the 6 train is quite a bit grittier than the Q)

The cars were quite a bit cleaner than I expected and the trains seemed to run very frequently.   Being their over the weekend was interesting since many lines experience maintenance work, meaning a number of times I had to ride the opposite direction to transfer over to get where I was headed.  

even as a rookie rider, I used an App with a subway map and was able to get around easier than I thought.  

I did notice NYPD was in force at Times Square trying to nab fare evaders which has been a big story in the news.  I'm sure the seniors in here appreciate that law enforcement was out there.  

Unlike California there is no need for a quiet car.  No one but the bums and crazy folks says a word nor make eye contact.  So you can ride in silence listening to the sounds of the train. 

We did manage to run out and see the Islanders score another victory, which offered an opportunity to ride a small portion of the LIRR.....outbound was during peak, so the roundrtip tickets for three of us kinda stung. 

Not being a local that has to commute on the subway, I enjoyed riding them.  


Date: 11/08/19 08:08
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: kbmiflyer

Interesting report on one of the less discussed passenger train systems on TO.  Althought the maze of lines and express vs. local trains can be overwhelming for out of towners, the NYC subway is a remarkably effecient way to navigate around the largest metropolitan area in the US.

I agree with your report.  I am always amazed how relatively clean the subway cars are and how frequent and fast they are.  You comment on no need for a quiet car is humourous and accurate :)

Date: 11/08/19 08:40
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: jp1822

Much cleaner system since the 1980s - both in general trash around stations and in subway cars, and graffiti artists!

Date: 11/08/19 10:55
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: joemvcnj

Since 1993 on the "B" (IND/BMT) and 2004 on the "A" (IRT) Divsion, the entire fleet is all stainless. When trains get tagged, they're pulled from service and cleaned up. There is often a plastic layer on interior glass to discourage "scratchitti". 

Date: 11/08/19 11:26
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: OldPorter

Thanks John- for your timely report on the greatest Subway system in the world. My opinion anyway.
I used to stay frequently in NYC-  (many years ago) and used the Lexington Ave Lines on a daily basis.
Miss those days - I need to go back, and have some rides!

Date: 11/08/19 16:24
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: JohnM

I forgot to note a couple things. I was very impressed that there is cell coverage in all the stations, I figured once I went underground I would not be able to live view the subway maps etc. so that was an unexpected bonus to me.

Grand Central Station, yes a beautiful building and interior, whereas Penn Station looked like an airport terminal with plenty of shops and places to eat. I now understand why some bitch about Penn Station in here, since at least to me nostalgia was replaced by practicality. Like anything else, all subject to one’s opinion.

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Date: 11/08/19 18:17
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: RuleG

From 1984 to 1989, I lived Albany, NY.  I visited and passed through New York City many times during that time.  During the first couple of years, many subway cars were tagged with graffiti.  By the time of my last visit to New York City before moving out of state, none of the subway cars had graffiti.  It was an amazing transformation over a short period of time.

Since that time, I made several return visits to New York City.  During a 2011 visit, my partner & I rode the subway to Harlem to visit a museum, walk around the neighborhood and have lunch. A couple of years later, I rode one of the lines to the Bronx to see the former New York, Westchester & Boston Administration Building transformed and incorporated into a subway station.  No issues on either trip. 

Date: 11/09/19 14:29
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: joemvcnj

Parts of Harlem, Brooklyn (i.e. East New York, New Lots) and parts of the Bronx - you dont want to be there in late evening/early morning hours. 

Date: 11/09/19 15:51
Re: NYC Subways report
Author: JohnM

Joe, I was staying on 116th and went to dinner on 125th and I had friends eyes get really big when I told him that.    Like anywhere else, you need to blend in, keep your head on a swivel and maintain good situational awareness.  

Now at Times Square station, I did see the potential victims walking in circles with maps flaying about.   At least they were not wearing plaid shorts, black socks with wingtips (joke)

I did manage to go trackside and see my first Acela, the Amtrak folks let me check it out inside and watched one of the Miami bound trains depart.   

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