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Date: 12/29/00 13:16
I Just Have to Ask This Question.
Author: VIA1

It has been awhile since, PETER has posted and or argued on these here boards. Where the hell is he? What part of the Amtrak system is he now terrorizing? Or maybe, just maybe, his new love has drawn him out of a life of trains?.....I mean, trains are great, but a woman is something much more. Has PETER seen the light of day?? If he is out on the system somewhere, may God help the employees of Amtrak......Get em PETER, err Mike Ronning, errwhatever

Can't wait for him to purchase a North American pass and come up here to Canada, pillage the villages....


Date: 12/29/00 13:17
OHH, our friend is here, alright..
Author: NE933

Watching. Observing.


Date: 12/29/00 13:26
RE: I Just Have to Ask This Question.
Author: sfmike

A woman is ""something much more"" than trains? Perhaps, but more of what? Some of us guys rely on trains as a relief/sanctuary from the women who know better than us what we should want and what we should be doing with out time.

Date: 12/29/00 14:17
RE: I Just Have to Ask This Question.
Author: VIA1

Very good point sfmike. I'm just sayin' it would be great to campout right next to the Funnel if BNSF would let us, but wouldn't you want your camping mate to be Shania Twain?? Food for thought. I might even not notice that a stack train was roaring by at 65 plus with her in my tent. Save it, NE933.

VIA 1 bored as hell

Date: 12/29/00 17:36
RE: I Just Have to Ask This Question.
Author: milwfreak

Shania or Z-trains?Hmm.The only z's I want to be catching are the ones while we're both sleeping afterwods.

Date: 12/30/00 12:26
RE: I Just Have to Ask This Question.
Author: timecruncher

We used to have a diehard fan in the Kentucky Railway Museum who referred to females (railfans or not) as 0-2-0's. Shania, hmmm. I'd have a heart attack and die next to the tracks, I'm afraid. Its an old age thang...

Date: 12/31/00 01:14
RE: I Just Have to Ask This Question.
Author: lilchico

Can I have Kate Winslet instead? Woman. Train. Woman. Train. Woman. Hockey. Train. Hockey. Train. Woman. Hockey. Woman. Train. God I hate these sort of decisions. Well, can't live with them, and you can't live without them. Since I'm womanless at the moment I guess you guys can figure what I've got more time for. When's the Wing's game on the Duece?!?!?!?!?!?!

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