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Date: 11/27/19 23:44
Empire Builder #8
Author: MM171

Sketchy details at the moment but #8 (27) apparently lost ALL power east of Skykomish on its way up to the Cascade tunnel.  The train picked up two BNSF units from a train stopped behind #8.  I do not know if the consist is running with or without electricity to the whole train. Let's hope not.  Now moving on the east side of the tunnel at 42 mph.  Slated for 4 hours late into Leavenworth WA. 

Update: Added only one BNSF unit #4403. Amtrak Units #'s 170 and 142.

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Date: 11/28/19 00:05
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: GenePoon

Here is the train with its to-be State Of Good Repair engine, AMTK 142, running single unit, from the Skykomish railcam at 647pm.

Temperature in the area is in the mid-20F range.  Too cold for no HEP/heat.

Next train behind the ill-fated 8(27) was a BNSF stack train with two units leading and two DP units on rear.  Thanks to Amtrak, it's probably tied down in a siding now.

About the AMTK 170 being on the train...it was not on 8(27) at Skykomish, and how would it have gotten to the train for rescue?  It is probably on 28(27) and then going east from Spokane.  It came west from Chicago to Spokane on 7(25) with the 142 and went to Portland.

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Date: 11/28/19 03:06
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: andersonb109

Is there day that goes buy without a loco failure? And those are only the ones we know about that are reported here. Is this being too negative towards Amtrak? No. It's just the facts. And sure, the locos in question are a bit long in the tooth. But so are some of the airliners still in service and we don't read about some disaster as a result of engine failure unless a bird strike or some other incident beyond the engine's control. Why can't Amtrak get it's maintenance act together and send road worthy locomotives out. VIA is using F40's on it's long distance trains which are older than what Amtrak is using and I don't see any reports of consistent failures. In full disclosure, I did experience one loco failure on one of my annual Canadian trips. The loco actually caught fire. But fortunately we had two engines on the short off season consist so we carried on with that after only a short delay. and stayed warm the entire time.Had it been Amtrak with only 10 cars in the consist, it probably would have been a "one hit wonder."  

Date: 11/28/19 06:35
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: DevalDragon

Airline delays are quite frequent - so frequent they are not newsworthy. For example I have flown twice in the past 2 weeks and experienced delays of 2+ hours due to mechanical issues on 2 of the 4 legs.

While it's true you seldom here of airplanes having enroute failures there are hundreds of ground delays that you don't hear about.

Date: 11/28/19 09:07
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: GenePoon

Have no fear, NARP/RPA will blame Congress and John Mica.


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Date: 11/28/19 16:51
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: ProAmtrak

I wonder if Amtrak will ever reactivate the RCM Sysremwide, this is getting bad!

Posted from Android

Date: 11/28/19 18:32
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: BRAtkinson

ProAmtrak Wrote:
> I wonder if Amtrak will ever reactivate the RCM Sysremwide, this is getting bad!

RCM costs real money!  So it's not an option as far as Anderson and gang are concerned.  The only thing they understand now is cut, cut, cut.

Date: 11/30/19 20:59
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: ProAmtrak

Yeah I know and it's gonna backfire Anderson's caim that Amtrak will break even, it's beter to break even with good service instead of bad serivce (cuts!)

Date: 12/26/19 15:10
Re: Empire Builder #8
Author: RailAdvo

Yes, of course Gene. Let's blame NARP (Rail Passengers Association) for getting Amtrak more funding so their trains can break down more often. 

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