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Date: 11/30/19 14:04
Silver Meteor #109
Author: twropr

Today (Sat) the train left Miami an hour earlier.  Twitter had a noticed saying this was to accommodate holiday business.
Train has 12 cars - same as it has had since Wednesday, so I am not sure why the schedule adjustment was made - unless they intend to make a same day turn to #97
in NY tomorrow and use equipment from 98-29 (which would normally turn as 97-01) to fill out other trains.

Date: 11/30/19 14:17
Re: Silver Meteor #109
Author: MdRailfan

Actually Thanksgiving day the Meteor had 13 cars.  Not sure about revenue producing, but it had a baggage car and a new bag/dorm car on the end.

Date: 11/30/19 19:01
Re: Silver Meteor #1098
Author: GenePoon

And the correct train number is 1098(30).

Date: 11/30/19 20:19
Re: Silver Meteor #109
Author: cutboy1958

So  how  did  they feed  all those  people??     When friends  say  'you took a  train!!.  How  was the  food??

Date: 11/30/19 20:29
Re: Silver Meteor #109
Author: JohnM

cutboy1958 Wrote:
> So  how  did  they feed  all those  people??
>     When friends  say  'you took a  train!!.
>  How  was the  food??

Anytime I bring up riding Amtrak to friends and family, the first thing they ask is "how was the food in the dining car?"     

Date: 11/30/19 20:50
Re: Silver Meteor #109
Author: FloridaTrainGuy

We used to take the Silver Service for years when vacationing (BOS - various Florida cities), and when we told friends and family that we took a train to Florida they usually all asked "you can do that?".

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