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Passenger Trains > #4 Rides Into The Sunrise

Date: 12/01/19 10:09
#4 Rides Into The Sunrise
Author: switchlock

In a rare alignment of the cosmos, I happened to be in Emporia, KS as a late #4 came through town with enough daylight to capture it.  Saturday, 11/30/19

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Date: 12/01/19 11:58
Re: #4 Rides Into The Sunrise
Author: northridgeswitcher

Great video.

Thank you for sharing.

Northridge Switcher

Date: 12/01/19 15:08
Re: #4 Rides Into The Sunrise
Author: mp51w

The train looked clean!  There are a couple of houses on the North side of the track, that are really close to the action!
Can you imagine hearing those horns 24/7?

Date: 12/01/19 18:46
Re: #4 Rides Into The Sunrise
Author: ProAmtrak

I wouldn't mind, it sucks now we got those dumb butt quiet zones because most people are crybabies!

Date: 12/03/19 06:36
Re: #4 Rides Into The Sunrise
Author: santafe199

Ah yes, Commercial St! I've seen many a train pass over that main drag over the years. Sighhhh.............
Thanks for a very poignant 'memory earthquake'!


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