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Passenger Trains > A Wind Delayed #6

Date: 12/01/19 19:49
A Wind Delayed #6
Author: twjurgens

High winds were one of the culprits delaying the eastbound California Zephyr this morning. 

In the first shot, Amatrak 23 and 33 are charging into Lincoln, NE at Yankee Hill on the southwest side of town.

A longer than usual station stop allowed a leap frog manuver to work with plenty of time to spare.  The second shot is at Waverly, east of Lincoln.

Date: 12/01/19 20:07
Re: A Wind Delayed #6
Author: amtrakbill

Zephyr “West Wind” named appropriately

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Date: 12/01/19 20:07
Re: A Wind Delayed #6
Author: atsf121

It was a few hours late in Utah yesterday, need to post the photo I snagged. Guess it didn’t make up any time along the way.


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Date: 12/05/19 17:14
Re: A Wind Delayed #6
Author: dan

is holding the train for wind warranted?  i am doubtfull

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