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Passenger Trains > Vermonter and Ethan Allen suspension

Date: 03/26/20 16:39
Vermonter and Ethan Allen suspension
Author: PRSL-recall

As I don't believe a thread has been instituted yet to advise, I'll do it. Both VERMONTER and  ETHAN ALLEN EXPRESS have been terminated temporarily by the suspension of Vermont funding for the 2 trains, "until further notice". https://www.wcax.com/content/news/Veront-Amtrak-service-canceled-until-further-notice-569137741.

Without any doubt the COVID-19 scare resulting in drastic reduction of patronage is the cause. Two other causes may have helped determine the exact timing. Concern heightening over passengers originating at NYP, also on Tuesday Vermont instituted a so-called "Stay-at-Home" policy.

Date: 03/26/20 17:01
Re: Vermonter and Ethan Allen suspension
Author: mbutte

The suspension was solely Vermont's health-restriction related decision (not funding related). 

Date: 03/26/20 19:43
Re: Vermonter and Ethan Allen suspension
Author: jp1822

Nothing running north of Albany and not much running north of Springfield either - perhaps even New Haven. Are trains still operating between New Haven and Springfield. Trains in the East, perhaps except the Auto Train, could probably just cease altogether right now. There's a lot of "stay at home orders" and I am not sure who really wants to travel.......

Date: 03/27/20 03:38
Re: Vermonter and Ethan Allen suspension
Author: lordsigma

Springfield still has a regional round trip and a couple of the Hartford line (former shuttle) round trips.

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