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Date: 06/28/20 09:29
Bag cars
Author: viatrainrider

Maybe this was covered while I was from TO for a few days.  But on most images or videos of LD trains, the bag car is now on the rear end.  Why the change from a head end bag car to the rear.  We all know that a head end bag car separates the first passenger car from locomotive fumes and noise.  It also protects in the event of a head end accident.  So wouldn't logic say that the bag car should be on the head end where it always has been?

Date: 06/28/20 09:34
Re: Bag cars
Author: dan

seems like things are getting back to normal, think it was a result when  there were no baggs for awhile , perhaps they just tacked them on the rear when re adding them?

CZ has them, SWC no?  starlight yes?  EB? 

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Date: 06/28/20 09:48
Re: Bag cars
Author: RevRandy

I have thinking about this and then another post here on TO gave me a clue. A poster said that the vents on top of the new baggage cars, which were intended to provide ventilation to the baggage area, have been found to be introducing fumes into the area. 

Given that reality, I would think think fumes to a first car would be much less if it were a more-or-less sealed passneger car or sleeper without those roof-top vents. I have ridden many an Amfleet as the first car behind a diesel-electric  (as well as Viewliner sleeper on 449) and have not experienced fumes.

Putting the baggage car on the rear solves this problem. 

Date: 06/28/20 10:25
Re: Bag cars
Author: jello

One possibility is that if there is no trans-dorm, they have to put the baggage car on the back.  Apparently, the baggage car interferes with the installation of a baffle (intended to keep diesel fumes out of the passenger cars) in the exposed high level door of the first car.


Date: 06/28/20 12:02
Re: Bag cars
Author: BoilingMan

When the reduced consists were running (Sport Consist) the determining factor was the presence of a Coach/Bag (31000). If the trainset didn’t have one, a baggage car was added- on the rear.
As things get back to normal, the baggage car will eventually run everyday and migrate forward.

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Date: 06/28/20 13:50
Re: Bag cars
Author: dan

most cz's have them back on the front that I have seen lately except the #6 arr chicago the 29th

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Date: 06/29/20 02:03
Re: Bag cars
Author: dan

As i said that todays 6 had the bagg in the back chugging towards Denver

the CZ is sold out , they should add more coaches for the 4th

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Date: 06/29/20 23:05
Re: Bag cars
Author: agent1522

The Seattle section of the Empire Bulder which normally has the baggage car has been using a Superliner Coach/Baggage car for checked baggage since it lost the transition sleeper.  The baggage car is now tacked on to the back end of the Portland section.  Yesterday (6/28) and today (6/29, the Coast Starlight also had the baggage car on the rear of the train.

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