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Date: 07/27/20 23:13
Reposting: My trip on the California Zephyr
Author: Memma

Hi All
Sincere apologies if you've seen this - I'm reposting from the Western Railroads sections following a suggestion!

I hope this is the right place to share, but I just wanted to share a trip log I wrote
on my California Zephyr trip. What a trip! I think it's definately my favourite in the US! If you're interested it's published here: https://trainreview.com/article/riding-the-california-zephyr-from-san-francisco-to-chicago

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Date: 07/28/20 13:18
Re: Reposting: My trip on the California Zephyr
Author: andersonb109

Great report. From back in the day when you could get actual food in the diner with something resembling restaurant service. The virus is just the excuse they needed  to get rid of this once fine tradition on the western LDT's. There is no reason why social distance couldn't be maintained in an 80 seat diner used only by sleeping car passengers just as most restaurants are required to do. 

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