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Date: 09/11/20 13:07
Train Stories - SWC from Kansas City to Los Angeles (2012)
Author: jjkr

From Kansas City to  Los AngelesHere's a couple more stories that occurred on two different trips back from Kansas City in 2012. The year 2013 will be next.

While standing in line at the lounge car to get a hot chocolate, a person with the appearance of a Rastafarian, slightly heavy, and almost perfect English with accent is talking with another guy.  Both are in the line ahead of me. “Man, I really need to stop doing shrooms.  Last time some lady came up and asked, hey what happened to the whites of your eyes.’I went to go look in a mirror and my pupils were so large. Man, I looked like I was warping in and out of the mirror.  Man what a trip.  I can’t be doing that stuff anymore.”  He paused for a second, and then continued, “can’t wait till I get off the train so I can smoke some weed.”

---------------------------------Later in the lounge car:

A passenger decides to talk to an Amish mother and father travelling with their toddler daughter.
“So where are you guys from?”
“What state did you get on at?” (Legitimate question, we were in Colorado.)
“Missouri.”“So what city did you get on at?”
“La Plata, there’s an Amish community near there.”
“So is there an Amish community in Missouri?”
Amish father raises an eyebrow. “Yes, La Plata.”
“I didn’t know you could take a train?”
“It’s one of the ways we believe we can travel.  We’re needing to go to San Diego and then down to Mexico to visit a friend who’s there for medical treatment.  He has cancer.”
“Oh…so what city are you travelling to?”
“San Diego.”
“Oh, is there an Amish community in San Diego.”
“No, we're going down to Mexico.”
“Oh, why you going to Mexico.”
“Going to visit to a friend who has cancer.”
“Oh, well hope you have fun down there.” Man gets up and heads to the sleepers.
I can’t even explain the look on the Amish husband’s face. 

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Date: 09/11/20 16:08
Re: Train Stories - SWC from Kansas City to Los Angeles (2012)
Author: UP951West

Thanks for giving me a laugh that I needed for the day. 

Date: 09/11/20 16:11
Re: Train Stories - SWC from Kansas City to Los Angeles (2012)
Author: jp1822

Sounds as if the shrooms were being passed around in the Lounge car! For better or worse, I find that there are always some interesting characters in the Sightseer Lounge Car! At least on the Western Long Distance trains, people are more willing to talk to each other. As I reported in a trip back in January - the Viewliner "Sleeper Lounge" and Cross Country Cafe "Sleeper Lounge" (Lake Shore and Capitol Limited respectfully) there's not much "discussion" or people willing to sit and stay in these cars, at least the four or five times I've been onboard with the new "flex dining." I used the Sleeper Lounge as much as I could. Could spread out and enjoy the passing scenery better than from my room. I was surprised at how "quiet" and even unused the sleeper lounges were had become (after their diners were removed) for the "East Coast" LD single night trains. Course Amtrak made absolutely no announcements about really how the "sleeper lounge" could be utilized and what it was all about.......So I guess we should be grateful for any socialization that's left?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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