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Date: 09/12/20 15:38
What happend?
Author: YoungOldHead

Just looking and see that train 6 of the 11th was on time for the most part yet arrived Salt Lake City 5hrs 57 min late with eta Glendwood Springs 5hrs 31mins late! Anyone know what happened?

Date: 09/12/20 16:57
Re: What happened?
Author: GenePoon

Railroad shut down by firefighters east of Elko, NV, then crew went dead on hours.

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Date: 09/13/20 04:34
Re: What happened?
Author: andersonb109

Correct. I was on that train. We sat for 3.5 hours in the middle of no where. Arrived SLC about 5  hours down. The crew never offered an explanation to passengers as to the reason for the delay. Only and apology. Clearly not Amtrak's fault.  I was suppose to go as far as Denver. Bailed out at SLC and Delta got me home for only $100 additional over my planned flight from Denver. Thankfully the SLC airport is only 10 minutes from downtown and was on the plane about  an hour after the train's arrival. I would have stayed on the train but the prospect of no diner (uneatable food on the train and restaurants closed by the time the train would have gotten to Denver) left no choice. Will be contacting Amtrak on Monday for refund for unused portion of of the ticket. I'll post a full report on the trip as well as the currrent air experience as soon as I get the photos edited.

Date: 09/13/20 04:47
Re: What happened?
Author: andersonb109

Looks like I made the right decision. They got to Denver at 1 in the morning losing an additional hour along the way.  So much for a scenic trip through the Rockies.  By that time I was sound asleep at home. Thanks Delta for an excellent job getting me on board and an upgrade at the last minute for minimal additinoal cost. BTW both my flights were basically full less the 1/3 less center seat capacity. The SLC airport was packed on my flight out. Reno like a ghost town. More for anyone interested on my upcoming trip report. 

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