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Passenger Trains > Train Stories - SWC and Truck Collision, RIV to KCY (2013)

Date: 09/14/20 15:05
Train Stories - SWC and Truck Collision, RIV to KCY (2013)
Author: jjkr

Run of the mill train trip from Riverside to Kansas City until a car-carrier tractor trailer tried crossing in front of us and learned a physics lesson the hard way.  No one on the train was hurt, but the truck driver and train engineers were taken to the hospital for observation. Train ended up arriving 6 hours late into Kansas City. Incident occurred approximately ten minutes south of Downtown Albuquerque. 

Sitting in the next to last coach car, I'm in the aisle seat next to an older gentlemen who lives in Windsor Canada, having emigrated from the United Kingdom traveling across the US to experience Amtrak.  His name is Tucker and is an artist. We're traveling along at nearly 50 mph and feel a thud.  The train begins an immediate braking action going into emergency. The industrial burning metal smell of brake pads pressing against the wheel discs saturate the air system of the train cabin. 

With a pronounced English accent, Tucker very calmly says, "I think we hit a car." 

"Excuse me," I respond as the train comes to a complete stop.

"I think we hit a car.  I saw bunch of smoke or dust and a crumpled car spinning on the side."

Behind us, many of the passengers are clamoring on the left side of the train looking out the windows. We see a car carrier tractor-trailer truck and dump truck on the side of a parallel road.  Looking further back we see two cars crumpled and the car carrier damaged on the rear.  Minutes later, emergency vehicles arrive on the scene. After approximately two and a half hours we begin to slowly roll again.

Tucker looks out the window and says, “There’s a policeman chasing the train.”

“What,” I said. I jump out of my seat to look out the window and see a policeman on his radio and waving with his free hand.

We come to a stop. A minute later the conductor walks up to the cop. After a few minutes we learn one of the vehicles had narcotics. The accident scene became a crime scene. https://www.abqjournal.com/247565/amtrak-crash-yields-drug-stash.html

Another two and a half hours we finally limp into the station. This is also the days when Amtrak kept spare equipment in ABQ. After equipment and crew change out, quick service, we’re on our way again.

Video Slide show is attached. The pictures are taken from inside train.  Outside picture of the engine is Copyright © 2013 Albuquerque Journal

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Date: 09/23/20 22:54
Re: Train Stories - SWC and Truck Collision, RIV to KCY (2013)
Author: amtrak251

Ah, learning physics the hard way. Indeed! Great story. Thanks for sharing!

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