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Passenger Trains > 58 (14) In the Snow

Date: 02/15/21 09:28
58 (14) In the Snow
Author: filmteknik

OS 58 MTSN 8:12

Hope 2 units remains a thing.  Happy VD!

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Date: 02/15/21 09:56
Re: 58 (14) In the Snow
Author: IC_2024

That's right, two units for sure!   Especially given the P-42's age and chance of a breakdown....  No HEP in brutal cold is NOT an option ( although I remember as a young cafe car attendant working out of Chicago, praying that the power would come up soon as I froze in an Amcafe waiting for engine to be added back in Feb '87.  I always wore long underwear for that reason!).

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Date: 02/15/21 13:18
Re: 58 (14) In the Snow
Author: King_Coal

Keep posting those speed shots! Very nice.

Date: 02/16/21 03:43
Re: 58 (14) In the Snow
Author: 8notch

In a flash he was gone. All that was left was a cloud of snow. VOTD candidate. Yes please keep them coming.
Robert in Lagrande Oregon 

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