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Passenger Trains > Final Acela's--when?

Date: 06/03/02 11:25
Final Acela's--when?
Author: floridajoe2001

I maybe wrong, but there still remains about 4 Acela train sets to be delivered. Has anyone heard when they will be in service?

Date: 06/03/02 12:41
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: chaohwa

18 trainsets in service, 1 under tests, and 1 to be delivered. You can look at


for details.


Date: 06/03/02 13:56
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: DHarrison

We tell him everytime he posts this same old question about new Acela Express trainsets and he never answers and then a month later posts the same question again as if there is some sort of conspiracy going on. Go figure.******David Harrison, modelling the Acela Express

Date: 06/03/02 16:02
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: GBNorman

There is a thread at railroad.net citing sources from the National Corridors Institute stating that all sets have been delivered and accepted by Amtrak.

Date: 06/03/02 18:58
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: MW4man

chaohwa wrote:

> 18 trainsets in service, 1 under tests, and 1 to be
> delivered. You can look at

Yup, Trainset 1 (the pueblo test set) is sitting in PCY now slowly making it\'s way towards acceptance.

Trainset 2 (the NEC test set) is still back at the factory getting its retrofitting and is due for delivery sometime around September.

The other 18 are out running.

Date: 06/04/02 06:15
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: floridajoe2001

Note to David Harrison: It seems you are anoyed with me. I wonder why.

In my view, Acela is the only non-commuter train with any future in America. That makes it important to me as a rail fan. And, since Amtrak fails to give out any news on Acela,or ballyhoo" it in any way, the only recourse is to ask fellow train fans.

Anyway, glad to learn there are only 2 more sets to be delivered.

Date: 06/04/02 07:18
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: Jaap

again wrong Joe only one needs to be delivered.
two sets need to be accepted.
there are 19 sets on property

Date: 06/04/02 08:29
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: Twinbrook

OK. This time I\'ll be the one to stick my neck out and ask about all of the other equipment on the NEC, particularly the Acela Regional

What about all of the HHP-8\'s, both MARC and Amtrak? The last word I got was that several MARC HHP\'s were sitting in Philadelphia but not in revenue service.

What about the AEM-7 upgrades?

Does anybody have an update on the Keystone Corridor? I heard that it was supposed to return to all-electric status sometime but haven\'t heard when.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Date: 06/05/02 07:58
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: DHarrison

Message to FloridaJoe...nothing personal, maybe slightly annoyed only because you never seemed to respond, until now. I do disagree about Amtrak\'s publicity....I think they owe rail fans nothing, including myself. Amtrak\'s mission should be to keep its service running 100 percent and overcome any day to day problems and they\'ve got their hands full trying to do that. Its customers, guests if you will, not railfans, are their number one priority. Most rail fans don\'t even ride...credit where credit\'s due, you did! Congrads!! Amtrak is not Union Pacific with deep pockets and a Mr. UPPR.*****Dave Harrison

Date: 06/05/02 13:02
Re: Final Acela's--when?
Author: dcorreia

Well since I starting working for the company that does the maintenance on the Acela, maybe I can do a quick count in the system. What a dream job, I am surrounded by Amtrak cars, desiels, and motors. Everyday they build the Capital Limited just outside the window. Ahhhhhhh....

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