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Date: 01/11/22 10:50
Amtrak 11 (11)
Author: jonathanstrains

It shows for the status that Amtrak 11 is in service disruption. So is this train Amtrak 11 cancelled for out of Seattle? Just curious

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Date: 01/11/22 11:48
Re: Amtrak 11 (11)
Author: Graybeard1942

This may not be related....but the weather service is now predicting another major storm system, an 'atmospheric river', to hit the PNW soon. Surface flooding is predicted

."For the waterlogged Pacific Northwest, additional precipiation (mostly in
the form of rain) is set to enter western Washington today and linger into
Thursday morning. An area of low pressure over the eastern Pacific Ocean
is expected to funnel a plume of moisture into the Olympic Peninsula and
Washington Cascades. The approaching atmospheric river will contain warm
and moist air that will lift freezing levels above 7000 feet, which will
result in heavy rain falling across even some of the highest terrain.
Rainfall totals over 5 inches are likely along upslope portions of the
Olympic Peninsula, where recent rainfall has already led to saturated
soil. Locally heavy rain is also expected to reach the Washington Cascades
and may produce flooding along rivers that flow off the high terrain. A
Slight Risk of excessive rainfall, as well as Flood Watches, have been
issued for today across this region. Parts of the Columbia Basin in
central/eastern Washington will avoid the surge of warm air at the surface
and may experience light freezing rain. Winter Weather Advisories have
been hoisted as a result."

Tough conditions for railroading...

Date: 01/11/22 11:51
Re: Amtrak 11 (11)
Author: ln844south

There was no 14 LA to Seattle which would have arrived on Monday, thus may be no equipment available for todays 11.


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Date: 01/11/22 14:10
Re: Amtrak 11 (11)
Author: MarionLinn

Amtrak Message Sunday 1/9/2022 3:55 AM
Due to weather/staffing issues Coast Starlight service adjustments as follows: Trains 14 (09) and 14 (12) cancelled entirely, no alternate transportation LAX-SEA. Trains 11 (11) and 11 (14) cancelled entirely, no alternate transportation SEA-LAX.

Date: 01/11/22 14:22
Re: Amtrak 11 (11)
Author: viatrainrider

Wonder if that bad weather forecast will affect the restart of Trains 7 - 8 through the Cascades.

Date: 01/12/22 07:03
Re: Amtrak 11 (11)
Author: NPRocky

Quite likely.  Expect more huge snowslides and maybe washouts on Stevens Pass. Many feet of new now there now melting.  No word for sure yet.  Mudslides or flooding still possible on the BNSF south of Nisqually where normally we don't see either.  This may not quite be a 100-year weather event out here, but it's gotta be close.

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