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Date: 01/12/22 16:48
Playing with a new camera
Author: xrds72

Just acquired a used (new to me) Canon 5D Mk IV body and rented a couple lenses to try to figure out what I should buy. My Canon XTi is about 14 years old and while I have taken many very good photos with it, it just seems like its time to upgrade. Have to get all new glass as the old lenses won't work with the new body. Oh, darn. 

Here are a couple shots this afternoon at the San Carlos Caltrain station. Sky was pretty flat but the 70-200 Canon lens I was using performed as expected. 

Will likely get one like that and a 24-70. 

Photo 1 San Carlos station looking north. The "wiggle" in the track you see is there because when they built the grade separation there was not enough room to fit the signal and the fill against Old County Rd which runs along that side so they made the track go around it, or so the story goes.

Photo 2, Train 511 approaching San Carlos from Redwood City

Photo 3, Train 120 departing San Carlos for Redwood City

Date: 01/12/22 20:44
Re: Playing with a new camera
Author: makemake

Electrification appears not to have reached San Carlos yet. How far has it progressed up the line so far?

Date: 01/13/22 08:49
Re: Playing with a new camera
Author: ChrisCampi

Images appear tinted or filtered. Neat shots though. I haven't been on that platform in a few years. Looks like substation work is happening in San Mateo and Redwood City and pole bases are in many areas.

Date: 01/13/22 11:02
Re: Playing with a new camera
Author: DevalDragon

I'd save the money and keep the XTi. It takes as good or even better than what you've posted with your borrowed gear.

Date: 01/13/22 11:07
Re: Playing with a new camera
Author: xrds72

The Caltrain Modernization site can give you the progress. Mostly the south end is more complete, I believe. Only a handfull of foundations left to install


I did a small amount of Photoshop work (nothing like Lance does) to try to enhance things since it was so flat to start.

Thanks for the comments

Date: 01/13/22 11:17
Re: Playing with a new camera
Author: ATSF5669


Good call to purchase the Mark IV!  I've worn three of them out in my professional career and am on my 4th, which I'm selling this month to a friend.  I absolutely love this body.  Having shot every professional digital body Canon has ever produced, the Mk4 is my favorite.  In years gone by my mix of clients included a number of athletic events for which I've had all the "X" models, and while they amazing on the sidelines of a stadium, they're downright obnoxious in a church sanctuary at a wedding!  That's in the past so I've centered on the Mk4, with no real need nor intention to part with it.  Having just turned sixty six I'm letting the photography side of my income die a natural death.  But...the business serves as a great tax shelter, so my accountant advised me to buy new gear for the depreciation advanteges, and I am now familiarizing myself with a new M6.  If you would like any assitance with your new camera please PM me and I'll be happy to assist!  

Happy shooting!

Date: 01/13/22 11:40
Re: Playing with a new camera
Author: milepost180

I used a 24-70 lens for several years.  I shoot graffiti.  I only shoot the sides of cars and preferrably at a right angle.  I've found the 24 just not wide enough for the whole car and the 70 just too short for detail.  My work lens is 18-135.   This lens seems to be all in one for me.

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