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Date: 01/14/22 12:11
Today's Pennsylvanians Update
Author: dbrcnw

Strange situation today with the Pennsylvanians. I say plural because both trains are not operating normally.

The last location which is reporting either train is Lancaster which shows a slightly late westbound being pulled by an electric locomotive. The eastbound was last reported as arriving at 1:43 but further information shows, "no information available, contact Amtrak at the 800 number".

Any idea what's happened?

Update, what appeared to be a Keystone Service train just went by eastbound on the westbound track. (Paradise)

Update 2, what appeared to be the Pennsylvanian consist pulled by locomotive 92 (Genesis) just went past Paradise (eastbound two minutes to 5 PM) at a very slow speed. The lights were not illuminated in the cars and it was running very slowly.

"Interesting" afternoon.


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Date: 01/14/22 14:37
Re: Today's Pennsylvanians Update
Author: twropr

42 hit a tresspasser just east of Lancaster

Date: 01/15/22 09:54
Re: Today's Pennsylvanians Update
Author: dbrcnw

Thanks for the information.

Unfortunate situation, obviously.


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