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Passenger Trains > St. Louis may re-start the Loop trolley

Date: 01/16/22 11:58
St. Louis may re-start the Loop trolley
Author: Lackawanna484

The Wall Street Journal reports that St Louis MO may be forced to re-start its downtown Loop trolley, which was shut down in 2019.  When the Federal Transit Administration granted the funding to get the project started, there were requirements to run the service for a period of time, or pay back a portion of the funding.  The three car, two mile system is among 20 which have received funding since 2009. St Louis would prefer not to pay back the funding

The WSJ has covered the love affair between cities, developers, and streetcars for several years. While a few (Portland OR for example) have worked out well, many others have been unsuccessful.

Paywall likely


Date: 01/16/22 14:47
Re: St. Louis may re-start the Loop trolley
Author: mundo

Hopefully it can start, but its difficult to say its "downtown" unless that's the local name of the suburban shopping area.

The line passes right by the former Wabash Delmar Street suburban station where overnight business men could board set out sleepers for Chicago.
Still stands above the light rail now on the former R/W.

Date: 01/16/22 15:29
Re: St. Louis may re-start the Loop trolley
Author: GenePoon

I avoided paywall by doing a Google search:


Selected the WSJ article and it opened.

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