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Date: 01/16/22 16:08
Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: jimB

Last Wednesday we (South Bay Historical Society) were contacted by Governor Newsom's advance team exploring the use of the Santa Clara deport and Museum for a press event involving is infrastructure budget proposals. After a tour of the facilities, they decided to proceed. The next morning(!) was busy with set up activities followed by the Governor's arrival at 10 AM. After a tour of the museum, he conducted a press conference outside with a Caltrain consist parked as a back drop, followed by a TV interview in the main museum room.The advance staff and security were very professional and pleasant to work with. I asked for permission to take photos for the museum and they were fine with that. I did not get any photos of the tour since I was conducting it.

NOTE: No political endorsement or position is intended in this post.

1 - The Governor used the platform facing the track for his press conference. He was only unmasked while at the podium. I believe that is Caltrain Vice Chairman Chuck Stone behind him.

2.- There was considerable press coverage and the event was streamed.

3.- After his speech and press conference speaking to Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Chuck Stone and State Sen Bob Wieckowski, with the parked Caltrain in the background.

Jim B

Date: 01/16/22 16:15
Re: Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: jimB

Part II

4 - The Gov in the museum room with Sen Wieckowski and Vice Chairman Stone.

5 - While we were setting up, a Caltrain triple with the parked clean Caltrain on track 3, a Northbound on Track 2 and a southbound on UP Main 1. Couldn't resist 3 Caltrains in one shot at Santa Clara.

This turned out to be a very interesting day for us at the museum.


Date: 01/16/22 16:31
Re: Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: wattslocal

Forget the Governor and his entourage -- what is the heavyweight car "Oregon ---" on  the right?
Any photos?

Watts local

Date: 01/16/22 16:48
Re: Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: dan

oregon short line or something?

Date: 01/16/22 17:01
Re: Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: jimB

Info on our website https://www.  sbhrs.org/OWR&N  (remove the space after www.)

OWR&N 184/OSL 157/124
  "The café parlor observation car was built in December 1912 by the Pullman Company for the Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company.  In 1922, the railroad rebuilt it as a business car to which the exterior has now been restored.  In 1932, the car was sold to the Oregon Shortline Railroad.  In 1936, OWR&N and the OSL were absorbed totally by the Union Pacific Railroad, which operated the car for the next 30 years.  During World War II, Union Pacific donated the use of UP 157, which it was known, to the American Red Cross for the war effort. "

Interior restored this year.

Jim B

Date: 01/16/22 18:05
Re: Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: PHall

You did notice that they picked a station where the electrification work is complete. Surprised they didn't make an effort to get the new trains in to the pictures.

Date: 01/16/22 19:04
Re: Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: jimB

When I asked the Caltrain PR person if they would be parking a train there, I suggested they could use their repainted AEM7, which is the only electric anything they have so far, but they didn't bite. I don;t know if is lettered yet.

I imagine they assume that the viewing public wouldn't know the difference.

Jim B

Date: 01/17/22 10:16
Re: Gov Newsom at Santa Clara Depot
Author: Sp1110

Did the business car have friction bearings?

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