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Passenger Trains > A Pixel Prognostication

Date: 01/24/22 09:05
A Pixel Prognostication
Author: MacBeau

Predicated on the posts/comments on this board over the last year and the current state of Amtrak's long distance operations, this is the only skin worth putting into the game at this point. 
Be of good cheer,

Date: 01/24/22 10:15
Re: A Pixel Prognostication
Author: SPDRGWfan

Good cheer.

Date: 01/24/22 10:50
Re: A Pixel Prognostication
Author: exhaustED

I think that railfan must have been airlifted in, with those heels! Not too much traffic judging by the facial expression... Nice looking caboose though.

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Date: 01/24/22 10:56
Re: A Pixel Prognostication
Author: pdt

Really?   (Eye roll)

Date: 01/24/22 11:20
Re: A Pixel Prognostication
Author: espee4ever

Cool image… obviously some photoshop involved here. Interesting take on the future of long distance passenger trains. Art is expressed in lots of different ways, this one being no exception. Thanks for sharing your efforts.

I think I saw a tunnel somewhere in this image!

Date: 01/24/22 11:58
Re: A Pixel Prognostication
Author: steamloco

Futuristic shot of the NE Corridor in 10 years.

Date: 01/24/22 19:15
Re: A Pixel Prognostication
Author: bigsavage

Would have been a Virgil Staff special back in the day in RAILROAD Magazine...

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