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Date: 10/13/02 11:51
Millbrae Station
Author: modorney

Here\'s the new BART Yard at Millbrae, and the old Caltrain station in the background. The new temoprary Caltrain platform is the yellow pavement south (left) of the station.

Date: 10/14/02 07:27
Re: Millbrae Station
Author: vry

Nice photo, but like Photo Bob says, "It\'s All Crap Now"..

Date: 10/14/02 07:48
Re: Millbrae Station
Author: espee99

Great Photo, sorry that the commuters that will not take BART as it will take 15 minutes longer to get down town, lose such a great station.

Didn\'t they move it from the intersection a few year back, I used to be a regular on #150 (10pm from SF usually 2 geeps and 1 or 2 galleys) and remember the station farther West (north). I guess I will need to check pictures now.

Does anyone know if the station will be used after Bart starts. Also will Millbrae be a \'baby bullet\' stop?

Espee 99 OS Millbrea............3201-3202 on the point.........

Date: 10/14/02 10:02
Re: Millbrae Station
Author: abyler

vry wrote:

> Nice photo, but like Photo Bob says, "It\'s All Crap Now"..


I designed all that trackwork for BART. It looks pretty good to me.

Andy Byler

Date: 10/14/02 11:18
Re: Millbrae Station
Author: mococomike

Any, What\'s with pointing it all down the Caltrain ROW???? You Shoulda built a through Station at SFO.

Date: 10/14/02 18:46
Re: Millbrae Station
Author: modorney

Baby Bullet Stops are the Mountain View, Palo Alto, Hillsdale
and Millbrae stations.

(As well as SJ and SF)

cheers, Mike

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