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Passenger Trains > Rare Mileage for Amtrak 171 - 5/9/22

Date: 05/10/22 03:09
Rare Mileage for Amtrak 171 - 5/9/22
Author: JPB

I'm not sure of any details but an NS manifest operating through Randolph St interlocking at Roanoke either heading south or north on the Winston-Salem line had a minor derailment (ie, no cars rolled over) during rush hour Monday evening 5/9/22. On-line news summaries are sketchy in detail. But it looks like the east turnout on the crossover used by NS freights was somehow involved as the freight was separated there with the west portion of the consist going into the yard at 1937 permitting MoW crews to begin work on the turnout. About an hour later the southern portion was pulled away down the Winston-Salem track.

And at 2209, Amtrak 171 from Boston running perhaps 15 minutes late, arrived on an unfamiliar track that clearly didn't have direct access to the station platform. So 171 proceeded west of Randolph St interlocking to the Va Musem of Transportation...

Date: 05/10/22 03:19
Re: Rare Mileage for Amtrak 171 - 5/9/22
Author: JPB

Switching to the moderated VMT live cam, 171 pulls west of the interlocking to the throat of Roanoke Yard at 2210 to shove into the platform at 2215. After a10-12 minutes of dwell, 171 pulls west off the storage to shove back to storage via the normal route using the east leg of the wye at 8 and a half St. And this morning, it's like nothing happened as Amtrak 176 (aka NS 014) backs off the W-S line through the errant turnout into the station platform presumably for an OT departure. 

Date: 05/10/22 07:04
Re: Rare Mileage for Amtrak 171 - 5/9/22
Author: FECcarman

Thank you very much for your information on NS and Amtrak in Roanoke. It is VERY SAD 
to see what is left of NS in Roanoke.

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