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Date: 06/19/22 04:14
New Brunswick NJ Saturday Morning
Author: thebluecomet

Was hoping to get some freights early Saturday over on the Lehigh Line, but trackwork around Roselle Park had things dead quiet.  Taking advantage of the early morning sun angle, I headed over to New Brunswick to grab some NEC action before doing some errands.  My daughter is a newly graduated Rutgers Alum now, so this town was a natural draw.

1.  The first outbound NJT train was canceled, so the first inbound while I was there makes its stop.  Things were almost normal after Friday's disaster.

2.  Amtrak Keystone service train 661 is crossing the Raritan River and begins braking for a restricting signal.

3.  On weekend mornings, NJT runs trains roughly every half-hour inbound.  Half make all stops, the other half skip Rahway, Linden and Elizabeth.  I did notice a new schedule taking effect today (6-19-22).

Date: 06/19/22 04:21
Re: New Brunswick NJ Saturday Morning
Author: thebluecomet

4.  The Arrow MU cars are still in regular service.  Here a 12 car set heads toward Trenton. 

5.  Next inbound train.  There appears to be no set pattern as to whether the motor leads or a cab car.  Some trains will take the loop at Sunnyside yard in NYC while most simply turn back at Penn Station.  

6.  New York to DC Acela train 2203 rushes through.  Although the parade was just getting started, I worked all night and had things to do.  Next visit will be to check out all the parking garages along the ROW.  Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there.

Date: 06/19/22 06:49
Re: New Brunswick NJ Saturday Morning
Author: Lackawanna484

Nice set of images.

The parking garage adjacent to the westbound platform gives several excellent view points.

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Date: 06/19/22 09:06
Re: New Brunswick NJ Saturday Morning
Author: boejoe

Thanks bluecomet.  Skyline has changed since my visit to the plaforms years ago.

Date: 06/19/22 09:08
Re: New Brunswick NJ Saturday Morning
Author: Passfanatic

Very interesting bunch of pictures. I've railfanned at the Downtown New Brunswick Station many times but during the pm. I hope to someday get there during the morning and go to a garage on the eastbound side of the NEC. With locomotive hauled electric push pull trains, it generally doesn't matter which end the locomotive is on. It varies greatly. Yes, those Arrow IIIs are still around but as of right now, they will start to get phased out of service in 2024. It's great that you were able to catch a long consist of them on the NEC and depending on the day of the week, you won't see them on many of the trains that run between NYP and Trenton. On weekends, they will show up on random assignments. However during the week, they will generally run on the Jersey Avenue turns. I might end up at Jersey Ave Station in a few weeks for pm rush hour railfanning.

Date: 06/19/22 16:14
Re: New Brunswick NJ Saturday Morning
Author: SCAX3401

Thanks for sharing these. I was on Acela 2203 that morning, having just gotten on at Metropark.

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