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Date: 06/19/22 17:13
Take 5
Author: march_hare

No, not the music by that name, no no. Literally, take 5 to Reno. 

By dumb luck, I was on the westbound California Zephyr a few years ago, and found that train 5 had engine 5 on the point. A few nicks in the fiberglass nose, but still functional. We were more or less on time at Denver. 

For or all the Amtrak bashing found on this site (some of it deserved, and some of it from me) this trip went perfectly.  They even had decent red wine in the lounge!

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Date: 06/19/22 17:25
Re: Take 5
Author: boejoe

Nicks in the nose and tumbleweeds in the connections.

Date: 06/19/22 18:28
Re: Take 5
Author: mp51w

Cue up the Dave Brubeck!

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