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Date: 09/20/22 17:15
Starlight Business Class
Author: cutboy1958

Two weeks  ago on a  short  STARLIGHT  trip it  was announced  lunch  would  be  available  in DINER  to   first   class. Flat  $25.00.  Beverage  included.  This  past weekend no  such offering  was  made. At  least out od  Seattle.A nyone  experience  this  option for  business class?? A

Date: 09/20/22 17:21
Re: Starlight Business Class
Author: mundo

It has been offered for some time.  I think its on the 2nd day, which is why you got it northbound into Seattle, but not southbound.

Been reported that one must pay in cash, also that it has been reported to cost up to $40.00.

Be nice to see the official policy on this.

Date: 09/20/22 17:52
Re: Starlight Business Class
Author: espee51

On our trip north, Martinez to Seattle in business class in June, the business class attendant told us we'd be able to buy lunch on day two, but the dining car steward said that meals for business class were not available that day.  On our return trip a couple of weeks later, we were welcomed to the dining car, where dinner was $45 per person.  The meal was good, starting with a choice of appetizers, an entree and dessert.  Also included one alcoholic beverage and as many soft drinks as we wanted, including a couple to bring back to our seats.  Service was excellent, as was the dinner conversation and southern Oregon scenery.


Date: 09/20/22 19:24
Re: Starlight Business Class
Author: 2-10-2

I had it a few months ago on the Starlight. It was not cash only - I used a credit card for all payments.

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