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Date: 09/21/22 20:25
Amtk Lake shore consist tnt
Author: pdt

Just saw the LSL on the Fairport (rochester) NY VR cam westbound ....."50 years" engine leading, p42, viewliner, 6 amfleet, 3 more viewliner, baggage.

Seeing as im not an amtk expert here...is this normal consist, or deadheading cars?     Seems like a long train with all the talk about short consists these days...


OTOH...saw the SWC wb on the flagstaff cam.....2 P42's and 6 cars....pretty pathetic....


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Date: 09/21/22 21:01
Re: Amtk Lake shore consist tnt
Author: joemvcnj

1 NY section coach short of pre pandemic.

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Date: 09/22/22 04:57
Re: Amtk Lake shore consist tnt
Author: RevRandy

That's the normal consist these days.  First several cars (4) and engines run from Boston, the rest from NYP.

Date: 09/22/22 06:42
Re: Amtk Lake shore consist tnt
Author: mvrr10

Should be : locos/sleeper/lounge/2 coaches (Boston)...3 coaches/diner/2 sleepers/baggage (New York).  The lounge and coaches should be Amfleet IIs while the sleepers,diner and baggage are Viewliner I  and IIs . One of the Viewliner II sleepers made it through to Boston this month, the 62517.  The Amfleet II lounge replaced an Amfleet I club/dinette at the begining of August.  The lounge ,2nd head car,is the only space open to passengers traveling coach to visit during their travels. It can be a long walk for New England passengers in the sleeper that want to visit the diner for the " flexible dining" meal service; also a long walk if the sleeping car attendant is picking  up your meal for you to enjoy in your room.

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