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Date: 11/19/22 08:26
Initial Terminal Delay - Chicago
Author: PC1974

Looking back at yesterday's numbers there were 5 trains that left out of tolerance. They were: #7 (1:23 late), #352 (1:21 late), #364 (1:02 late), #305 (38 late) and #354 (6 late).. It's worth noting that 3 trains didn't run (Service Eruption). They were #350 (no equipment), #381 (no anything) #48 (to much of anything)...

This morning watching the terminal, there is only one delay: #350 (45 late) #381 has dropped off the maps, guess they got the schedule pulled. Do you think it got tweeted?

Let's see what a normal Chicago winter weekend does to the delays...

Date: 11/19/22 09:09
Re: Initial Terminal Delay - Chicago
Author: SpringedSwitch

Today is a pretty normal winter day in Chicago ...

Date: 11/19/22 17:16
Re: Initial Terminal Delay - Chicago
Author: PC1974

It was looking good earlier today, 27 degrees and snow flurries should make for a good operation in CHI.. But it didn't!

After 350's late departure in the am, we had: 354 (7 late), 370 (10 late), 383 (7 late).

Long distance late departures include: 7 (26 late). Also loosers by default are 30 and 50. Neither have departed, both are past their scheduled times...

But then we have the usual phony $h_t with showing out on-time but not making past the yard. Those delays at 14th street include: 364 (about 15 late). But that's nothing compared to Number 3 that showed out on-time but has sat for hours at 14th street. It's already over 4 hours late down line if it starts moving now...

Overall, Michigan gets the nod today. There were five scheduled eastbounds departing CHI headed 3 different destinations. Only one, 352(19) made tolerance at ITD. Here's a toast to Porter Jct and the Penn Central Dream Team!


50 left 1:10 late and 30 left 35 late.. Chow

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