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Date: 11/20/22 12:33
Amtrak's workforce
Author: GenePoon

Amtrak’s workforce for years used to hover right around 20,000 employees before the airline rejects and their consultants took over. Then they quit publishing workforce reports so who know how low they cut back to - my guess is about 15,000 or so. And even though Amtrak received billions in supplemental funding they chose to cut even more. 

In today’s environment somewhere around 1,500 to 2,000 employees are leaving the company each year. So if they are truly trying to hire 4,000 they better actually hire 6,000-7,000 and keep hiring about twice what they need into the foreseeable future. The company also needs to address pay scales to increase retention, and reduce the size of crew districts and to generally increase onboard staffing. This all should have been done years ago but of course Amtrak went in the opposite direction. Base management bonuses on employee retention instead of cost cutting and see how quickly that problem would be solved.  

John Sita
President, Louisiana Association of Railroad Passengers

Date: 11/20/22 13:30
Re: Amtrak's workforce
Author: Lackawanna484

How is the new Charlotte OBS crew base working out?

The idea is crews can spend more time at home,

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