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Date: 01/23/23 10:13
Good news from Vermont
Author: Railvt

Here's an update on Vermont Amtrak train ridership in the two months of Amtrak Fiscal Year 2023.

To put it mildly the news is good.

First let's look at the VERMONTER. Many (myself included) had wondered if ridership would decline on this train because of the addition of the ETHAN ALLEN EXPRESS in the northern Vermont market. But far from declining--in November (and even allowing for a one day service suspension), the VERMONTER produced its highest one month ridership ever.

(Thanks to Ben Heckscher of Trains in the Valley for compiling the FY2022/23 statistics).

VERMONTER Ridership:

October: 9,600 riders; an average of 310 per day; an increase to 116% of FY2022.

November: 11,700 riders; an average of 403 per day; an increase to 146% of FY2022. (Note: This reflects 29 days of actual operation in November--as there was a one-day service suspension).


October: 7,800 riders; an average of 252 per day; an increase to 186% of FY2022.

November: 8,000 riders, an average of 267 per day; an increase to 190% of FY2022.

FY 2022 Yearly Ridership

VERMONTER 87,300 riders.


Total for FY 2022


The last full year of pre-Amtrak passenger service in Vermont was 1965. All service then followed the line now used by the VERMONTER--but there were two trains.

In 1965 overnight Montrealer ridership was 53,290—the daylight Ambassador 41,245—Total 94535. FY2022 Vermont ridership as noted above = 150,700!

Our trains in FY2022 carried over 50% more riders than the joint CN/CV/B&M/NYNH&H/PRR produced in 1965 and if the first two months are predictive, we could reach 180,000-200,000 passengers in FY2023.

VTRANS highest passenger priority now correctly is to reach Montreal with the VERMONTER. Over 4,000,000 potential riders reside there. Hopefully these great results so far are only the overture to what we will do once we can again offer direct trips from Montreal to Washington, DC--hopefully with two trains--one by day and one overnight.


Update: The ridership figures for both Vermont trains reflect passengers carried north of respectively New Haven and Albany. NEC/Empire Corridor ridership is counted only if the passenger rode north of New Haven/Albany. We do not get a northbound/southbound--nor station specific report on a regular monthly basis.

Date: 01/23/23 10:43
Re: Good news from Vermont
Author: DavidP

That is good new Carl!  Glad to see that the enthusiastic crowds at the Ethan Allen Burlington inaugural in July have translated into increased ridership.  A Montreal extension would be great, but I also think they need to focus on second frequencies for each route.  With Pennsylvania's commitment to a second cross state train, Vermont is nearly alone in supporting single frequency routes.  (I guess New York's still-suspended Adirondack is the only other one).  States around the country have proven that added frequencies boost utility of the service, and therefore overall ridership.

Massachusetts is currently evaluating service options on the former B&M main that intersects the Vermonter route at Greenfield.  This too could ultimately provide new service options and an expanded customer base.


Date: 01/23/23 13:21
Re: Good news from Vermont
Author: joemagruder

Don't you know that you aren't supposed to post positive passenger train news?

Date: 01/23/23 14:14
Re: Good news from Vermont
Author: restricted_speed

joemagruder Wrote:
> Don't you know that you aren't supposed to post
> positive passenger train news?

Are you positive about that?

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Date: 01/23/23 14:32
Re: Good news from Vermont
Author: Lackawanna484

It is negative news for folks who want to see passenger service abandoned.

Posted from Android

Date: 01/23/23 20:26
Re: Good news from Vermont
Author: pdt

Thanks for the good news!!

Date: 01/27/23 18:26
Re: Good news from Vermont
Author: ProAmtrak

Great news, at least there's some bright spots on Amtrak!

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