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Passenger Trains > "Some Do, Some Don't" Amtrak Rome NY

Date: 01/23/23 17:03
"Some Do, Some Don't" Amtrak Rome NY
Author: ut-1

Glimpses of the Rome NY station, the Maple Leaf (which stops here) and the Lake Shore Limited (which doesn't) with 50th Anniversary engine 108 up front are featured in this video.

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Date: 01/23/23 17:20
Re: "Some Do, Some Don't" Amtrak Rome NY
Author: gaspeamtrak

That was awesome!!! Thank you for sharing it with us...:):):)

Date: 01/23/23 18:28
Re: "Some Do, Some Don't" Amtrak Rome NY
Author: cutboy1958

Really nice. Looks  like  some  re- hab  work  going  on?
  Do  they  have  a  'caretaker'??

Date: 01/24/23 05:01
Re: "Some Do, Some Don't" Amtrak Rome NY
Author: RevRandy

cutboy1958 Wrote: (in part)
> Really nice. Looks  like  some  re- hab  work
>  going  on?

A couple of years ago the ceiling in the subway began to come down (cosmetic issue, not structural)  that shut down service to Rome for a period. What you see are the temporary repairs that reopened the station but which await funding and completion.

Great video of a wonderful place (at least in spring/summer/fall) to watch the parade of Amtrak and CSX.  Good catch on the Lake Shore.  

For those interested, the Rome station, when built over 100 years ago, was necessitated by the relocation of the NYC mainline out of downtown Rome and onto this elevated, grade-separated route.  Just west of the station, there was an overpass above the New York, Ontario, and Western.  Further to the west, by reason of the relocated line being shorter, there is a place where the distance between mileposts is actually about 3/4 of a mile.  

Date: 01/24/23 17:33
Re: "Some Do, Some Don't" Amtrak Rome NY
Author: pwh

Nice look at the Rome station and action. Why doesn;t Amtrak put the lounge car in in the middle of the train?

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