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Date: 03/11/23 12:02
Denver Union Station in November 2014
Author: rgzfan

I hadn't been there since 1998 and wanted to see what horrible things had been done to it. I was tired from driving from Kanab through a snowstorm, and I wasn't in the mood to shoot a formal tour. So I just had my camera on as I walked around.

One big change that I don't call out in the video is that the ramp to the tunnel under the platforms is gone. It seems to me that there used to be an attractive mural on the wall above the tunnel portal or side wall. But I never tried to photograph that area, I think because it was always dark.

Color picture is from an unknown source. I don't know who to credit. The walls have been painted since 1983. I don't know what year it was shot. Back wall is Wynkoop Street. Right wall (90 degrees from back wall, is the wall the lunch counter was on.

I wonder where the pews went.

It REALLY bothers me when people drill holes in or otherwise modify marble interior elements. MARBLE CANNOT BE REPLACED because it cannot be matched. Marble comes from finite quarries that don't even have consistent color across the entire quarry. 

The post office in Urbana, IL has beautiful marble interior elements. They have been machine-gunned with holes for signs over the past hundred years. It's basically destroyed. So when I look at the ATM by the left door to the tracks and see that the long skinny marble rectangle strip at chest height has been sawed to accommodate the ATM, it http://hurl.com 

To compare and contrast with old station layout, visit https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?4,5627935,5627975#msg-5627975 and scroll to the black and white photos.

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Date: 03/12/23 01:49
Re: Denver Union Station in November 2014
Author: mp51w

I thought someone told me the benches are stored in the basement.

Date: 03/12/23 06:35
Re: Denver Union Station in November 2014
Author: cozephyr

Denver Union Station before Crawford Hotel major redevelopment 11 December 2008 Denver, Colorado.  Parking went away-!

3 - Denver Society of Model Railroaders once had an impressive layout in Denver Union Station basement.  The O scale layout was dismantled
during the redevelopment.

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Date: 03/12/23 06:46
Denver Union Station 22 December 2011
Author: cozephyr

1 & 2 - Denver Union Station from 2nd floor 22 December 2011 before Crawford Hotel redevelopment at Denver, Colorado.  Note the old sight fixtures above the massive waiting room.  Hardly anyone visited the train station except Amtrak passengers in those days.

Waiiting room benches had some form of heating - note vents on top of waiting room benches.

Crawford Hotel rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the massive depot complex.

3 - Lightning strike near Denver Union Station 2 September 2011.  The iconic 'Travel by Train' neon sign was not always lite or maintained on the west side.

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Date: 03/12/23 22:41
Re: Denver Union Station in November 2014
Author: dan

the benches were said to hAVE ASBESTOS SOO they i think are gone

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