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Date: 05/29/23 13:15
Amtrak Tickets
Author: BAB

Didn't make myself clear a week ago about rooms or roomettes I guess they are called purchasing tickets for them.  Ok I booked coach after calling them also tried first to get a room or roomette as they are called was told none were available for either going or coming.  The Eticket came within about five min via email, right behind it came a chance to up grade. Clicked on it, said I could BID on it might get it and my CC would not be charged if I did not the little arrow on the circle indicated about 75% chance at 290.00.  Strange one moment there is no chance in getting one for sure but with the lotto bid process might if I bid enough.  That is the deal now it seems with them when did this start also if I was to book say a month in advance could I have gotten one at a fixed price they never would say? 

Oh and this time instead of flaming me send me a private email so I can change it to something every one can understand first. 

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Date: 05/29/23 14:03
Re: Amtrak Tickets
Author: goduckies

They could add you id there is a cancelation... so win win.

Posted from Android

Date: 05/29/23 16:13
Re: Amtrak Tickets
Author: engineerinvirginia

You'll find that your best bid will probably close to what you would have paid had you gotten the room or roomette in the first place. Last bid up I won I found out that my entire outlay was exactly what I'd have paid if I'd chose room instead of roomette. But at least I got to pay it in two parts!

Date: 05/30/23 06:28
Re: Amtrak Tickets
Author: BAB

goduckies Wrote:
> They could add you id there is a cancelation... so
> win win.
> Posted from Androi
Didnt see that offered I guess they hold a block of rooms just for bidding only or does one have to reserve it way in advance of a persons trip?

Date: 06/01/23 05:15
Re: Amtrak Tickets
Author: engineerinvirginia

Go to http://amtrak.com/bidup, enter your reservation number and last name. It will look and see if you are eligible to bid, and if so, you can select what accomodation you wish to bid on. Enter your price in a text box ...after entering it a meter will appear with an arrow and colors arranged according to the strength of your bid. You may adjust the arrow to tweak your bid. They do not keep a block of rooms just for bidding. Instead if any rooms are not reserved' 24 to 48 hours before departure the system will see if anyone has bid on unsold or cancelled rooms. If so it will revue the bids and award to the highest bidder first...if there's more rooms to award, everyone could get something. On my Auto Train trip recently I won an upgrade from roomette to room and when I boarded I found that there were still unsold rooms. So I might have bid lower and still got my bid...but I'll never know for sure. 

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