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Date: 05/31/23 17:37
Are you lost?
Author: wa4umr

=17.55pxMy son saw this today at the CSX Osborn Yard in Louisville, Ky.  I haven't seen an Amtrak locomotive in several years when they pulled a special for the Kentucky Derby.  Does anyone have any idea why it would be in Louisville? I noticed there is nothing on the nunberboard.


Date: 05/31/23 18:39
Re: Are you lost?
Author: krm152

Very nice catch and a very interesting ohoto.

Date: 05/31/23 19:24
Re: Are you lost?
Author: RuleG

Amtrak locomotives never get lost because so many on Trainorders tell Amtrak where to go.

Date: 05/31/23 19:26
Re: Are you lost?
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Coming from rebuild at Progress Rail in Mayfield, KY for delivery to Amtrak.

Mike Derrick

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