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Date: 05/31/23 20:21
Travel insurance for Amtrak Trips
Author: jimbokat

With  Amtrak  delays . Running late and cancellations . Is it wise to get  travelers insurance.. I'll be on 3 /4 to Chicago  an back to .L, A.
  They  have been late a few times  . Only a few hours. But once They got in real late. Once it was so late i almost missed the last commuter out  of the old Chicago North Western station at 1 AM.  As  she gave me my ticket she said run  it's about to leave. If I miss the last  train I'm there to  about 5 or 6 am..  Is it a good  to have travel insurance. Just in case . So is it good to have?  And any pointers  about cost . and how it works. Thanks.

Date: 06/01/23 05:18
Re: Travel insurance for Amtrak Trips
Author: engineerinvirginia

Depends on what a delay is worth to you. Most long distance trips involve considerable outlay, and insurance may be advisable. But check each policy provider; for while Amtrak offers one particular carrier whom they get paid to offer. there's potentially other insurers which can offer travel insurance. 

Date: 06/01/23 09:19
Re: Travel insurance for Amtrak Trips
Author: RRBMail

Having been in the travel business for most of my career I follow the following rules: A: Never buy travel insurance from the company that is providing the travel service as the insurer needs to be free of any possible conflict of interest. B: Never count on Amtrak's long distant trains to make same day connections. C: Always have a "Plan B" if "Plan A" fails. D: Make sure the insurance deductible is low enough to be of real use short of a catastrophe. 

Date: 06/01/23 10:09
Re: Travel insurance for Amtrak Trips
Author: RevRandy

In the case you mention, of making a connection from a long distance Amtrak train to a commuter train, I seriously doubt there would be any  \travel insurance which would provide coverage.  

Date: 06/01/23 12:55
Re: Travel insurance for Amtrak Trips
Author: P

Travel insurance is very specific in what it will cover. Be very careful about reading what it will cover. You might be surprised to find out that many causes of trip interruption are not covered and you'll be out of luck.

Posted from Android

Date: 06/01/23 20:59
Re: Travel insurance for Amtrak Trips
Author: jimbokat

Thank you ALL for your replies. 

Date: 06/01/23 21:02
Re: Travel insurance for Amtrak Trips
Author: Lyell

Well, for what its worth.  I had a trip bought and paid for, in a roomette from Emeryville to Denver in Sept 2022.  I bought the trip insurance on the Amtrak site when I paid the (high priced) rail fair.  (apparently, I violated one of the recommendations of another poster by buying it this way ....).  The trip insurance was about $90, as I recall.  I was watching the on-time failures on the CZ all summer, and decided to cancel.  When I cancelled, I was in the time window where Amtrak kept (as I recall) 25% of the price.  When I went to the web site to cancell, I found out that Amtrak had already cancelled the sleeper on my return trip and placed me in coach (with no notice: were they even going to tell me?).  I filed a claim with the insurance, and got my $250 back.  As it ended up, I was only out the $90 for the trip insurance.  

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