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Date: 06/01/23 19:23
A year ago in Johnstown, PA
Author: DavidP

On June 1, 2022 I was in Johnstown, PA and caught the arrival of the eastbound Pennsylvanian. 

(1) The train arrives from Pittsburgh.

(2) The front of the former PRR station.

(3) The original station waiting room.  Amtrak seems to use a former baggage room on the lower level for station services.


Date: 06/01/23 21:31
Re: A year ago in Johnstown, PA
Author: pdt

A gorgeous terminal for 2 trains a day.  Maybe we'll get it back up to 4 trains a day some year.

The only consolation is that there are a number of highly unused airports in the country too.   mostly hub used-to-be's...
Memphis, Pittsburg, Kansas City come to mind... And there are other smaller cities with nice unused or hardly used terminals....
Here in Paso Robles, we have a nice small town terminal at our airport , but there hasnt been any scheduled flights here in over 20 years.
Bakersfield is a mid sized city with a terminal and little or no service.   And im sure there are a LOT of others.


Date: 06/02/23 05:43
Re: A year ago in Johnstown, PA
Author: amtrakbill

This station had 2 high-level platforms into the mid to late 70's.  Famous scene in the movie Slap Shot was filmed in this station where the Carlson brothers broke a candy machine trying to get the candy to drop just as their coach (Paul Newman) was picking them upon their arrival.

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