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Date: 06/01/23 22:04
Readville MA Memorial Day
Author: dwatry

On Memorial Day I had a few hours for railfanning, and I noticed that Amtrak had 3 southbound trains scheduled out of Boston in a little over a half hour, so I thought this was a good opportunity to get some NEC shots at Readville MA.   I'm not sure why Amtrak schedules these 3 trains so close together on Memorial Day, when the normal spacing is usually an hour or more between trains. 

1)  First was this Acela, scheduled out of Back Bay Station at 0930.  It was flying through Readville at 0937.
2)  Next was a Regional, scheduled out of Back Bay at 0950.  It came through Readville at 0956.
3)  Next was another regional, scheduled out of Back Bay at 1006, and it came through Readville at 1013. 

Date: 06/01/23 23:18
Re: Readville MA Memorial Day
Author: boejoe

Nice shots.

Date: 06/02/23 14:41
Re: Readville MA Memorial Day
Author: Topfuel

If the number of coaches is an indication, and assuming they are all reasonably full, ridership sure looks good on the NEC.

Date: 06/02/23 15:08
Re: Readville MA Memorial Day
Author: dwatry

Topfuel - I just rode Amtrak back to Boston from DC a week ago, and we were full the whole way.   But there's a lot of turnover - so it's mostly people riding middle-length distances, but it keeps the train pretty full.  A friend who is working with the State of Virginia reports to me that the ridership on the Virginia trains is "exploding" (to quote her), and I'm sure lots of those people are riding through onto the NEC, so that's contributing I'm sure.  I spent a few hours at Alexandria Station when I was in DC and was amazed at the crowds getting on every train (of course it was close to the Memorial Day weekend).


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